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My name is Pierre-Marie. Now that the system and that our game in Group (euro millions) work well and are recognized, I thought you’d like to learn a little more about me.

Je was born in Grenoble in 1957 ! Another age, another time, a different Millennium! I 34567082_sfollowed studies in mechanical engineering and later to 30 years I went to the Faculty of letters. Between the 2 periods I became father of 2 beautiful boys and with my wife we have even decided that I would be ‘father at home! This costume a rather unusual (and even very special at the time, yet not so distant) I wore it for 12 years!

During this period I put upon my taste of the creation to paint and make plastic art.

Then the circumstances of life and our ideas about the world have led us to the campaign or I became organic farmer.

I created a heart-shaped goat cheese that was a beautiful success!pierre chèvre - Copie

cheese had the distinction of having « the taste of the past » and all seniors who had the habit of eating goat cheese in their childhood were immensely pleased to find a testimony of their youth!

and I am very proud that my cheese has traveled through these people and in several European countries. Because as soon as the opportunity arose to go see their children, they absolutely wanted to take away my cheese, to show them a small part of their life of pierre chèvreyesteryear!

He went to England, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. And in the former Yugoslavia also! And a little everywhere in France too of course.



After this period and events my path led me to the Mans or I reside today. My taste for le-mansPorsches (jackpot please!) is filled with the circuit and 24 hours of le Mans !




research and construction – creation me have always fascinated. So one day (I makes you short) I «laid» system (I also had organic hens!). Out of curiosity I put it for sale on the Web (I discovered also a little the net that evolved very quickly, even if it is recent).dessin-pierre

And here surprise, barely a month after having sold some copies the first winners began to write me, enthusiasts of course! So from my side I have developed « affair ». I installed the following year as auto-entrepreneur and now since January 2016 in profession.

And this is how I find myself talking to me on the website ‘gagnerloto.fr ‘! I would never have imagined that I point a site on this subject and with a beautiful success system! Like what do swear nothing !

pierrePierre-Marie Dutel

19 rue Louise Michel

72100 Le Mans

Siren 404 060 907

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